Check out these 8 gorgeous hair bands available at

You’ve got to love a pretty hair band! They are a great way to add a bit of colour to any outfit. You can either match the colours up with whatever you are wearing that day so it all blends in or instead you can opt for something entirely different so as to add a bit of interest.

I don’t really wear headbands myself as I just always have my hair tied back but I have a friend who regularly wears them as does my daughter. I always get headband envy whenever I admire their pretty hair accessories!  When I was a bit younger I always wore a lot of hair accessories and one of my favourite hairstyles was twisting all my hair into teeny tiny buns! What was your favourite hair style in your teens?

If you’re a headband lover you will want to check out these 8 beauties that are available to buy at BelsBling. Belinda’s small business stocks a wide array of hairbands,  fantastic costume jewellery, colourful hair accessories, handbags and more besides. Although this is not a sponsored post  (Belinda doesn’t even know I’m writing it! 🙂 ) – I have been lucky enough to review items that she has #gifted me in the past. I just wanted to take this opportunity to publicise her small business and let you all know about the pretty hair bands she currently has listed for sale in her online shop.

If you would like to shop from her website the link you need is She offers FREE UK delivery on all orders which I think is amazing and great if you’re shopping on a budget!

The links to all the headbands pictured are beneath each collage photo:

Thanks for reading this post. I hope it inspired you to check out the BelsBling headband collection and all the other wonderful items she sells. All of the products on the site would be perfect to gift to people for birthdays and …..Christmas!

Just in case you didn’t realise, Christmas is just 105 sleeps away. As you can tell from my excitement, I am a big fan of all things Christmas! I think Christmas 2020 will be rather different to the ones we have had in the past but I won’t let that stop my eagerness to start present buying and making the house all festive. Roll on December 1st for my tree to go up!

Please take a moment to follow BelsBling on social media. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram.

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