My Artwork: A Rainbow Full Of Hope

My Artwork: A Rainbow Full Of Hope

I have vowed that in 2021 I will fill my new A4 sketchbook (that I bought in ‘The Range’) with loads of lovely artwork using my Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers.

The first drawing I did in the book was a happy rainbow set against a backdrop of raindrops and sunshine along with the quote ‘It Takes Sunshine and Rain to make a Rainbow’.

I was feeling really happy on the day I drew this as I had just caught up with an aunty and cousins who live a few hours away from me, but then I made the mistake of browsing the news and then I instantly felt so sad.

Sad because life is so tough for us all right now and there’s nothing much we can do to ‘fix’ things other than stay at home as much as we can and make sure that we take time to contact those we love to let them know we’re thinking about them. Your call, message, video chat or email is sure to brighten their day and make you smile too.

I had a little cry after reading about the virus again on the news because it got me thinking about the uncertain future we are all facing ….but then rather than let the pandemic news turn a good day into a bad day I instead got my colouring pens out and drew a picture to cheer myself up. It worked, I felt so much happier again afterwards …..all because I’d expressed how I was feeling on paper and I had a new artwork to enjoy looking at.

My art made me realise that ‘It takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow’….so in other words….we must take the good with the bad but happiness and joy is on the horizon for us all.

If you feel sad and down today please try to remember that brighter days are ahead. If you need to talk please call someone close to you for a nice chat but if you don’t have anyone to phone don’t just think you have to suffer in silence — the Samaritans can be called on freephone 116 123 and there will be someone there who can listen to your worries and offer you a shoulder to cry on.

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