My Artwork: A surrealist self portrait of positivity – with added polka dots!

My Artwork: A surrealist self portrait of positivity – with added polka dots!

I’ve always loved art and drawing but haven’t really done much of it since I was at high school back in 2000 – so over 20 years ago now!

Anyway, for Christmas I bought my daughter some Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers from The Range and I am now completely obsessed with them…. so I bought even more! They are so vibrant and don’t smudge…plus you don’t get all those dreadful colouring marks that show where you’ve applied the colour.

This was the first drawing I did using them and it is a surreal self-portrait….because truth be told I don’t have hair like this….more’s the pity! I used a white acrylic paint pen to make the polka dots on the hair and bow pop out more from the paper plus I added teeny dots onto the blue wavy background.

The words beneath the polka dot bow are all positive words about me…..Mum, Kind, Happy, Lucky, Independent, etc.

My friend looked at my drawing and she said she thought it could be…. “A magical mermaid who has emerged from the sea and is about to get wrapped up in a towel of positivity”…… I love her vision of my drawing so much!

It took me about 2.5 hours to do and I am so happy with it! For a long time I I have wanted to have a go at doing drawing and art again but just never got round to doing it….getting these fantastic markers for my daughter was the catalyst to restarting my creative journey.

Since drawing this I have done even more artwork with the pens. I will post each of them in a separate blog post and hopefully I can start a habit of uploading my drawings in the future so you can see how my artistry progresses. 🙂

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